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5 things you can do to increase the security of your mobile device

Enable device password and associated data wiping. Enabling a device password on your mobile device helps to ensure that unauthorized users cannot gain access without your knowledge or consent. Avoid using easily guessable dates, patterns or passphrases. It is also recommended that you enable the data wipe capabilities that are often available on modern mobile […]

AALTO's thoughts on Cloud Computing

They’re not just those puffy white things in the sky anymore… Chances are, you already use cloud computing. If you have a Facebook account, a Twitter feed, a Hotmail or Gmail account, you are already in the cloud. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What is cloud computing in the first place? At a […]

Sewing Network Pty. Ltd.

We have been dealing with Paul and Sam for over 10 years. In that time, all our IT requirements have been taken care of by them, and we have built a great relationship with AALTO. We look forward to doing business with them for another 10 years, at least.

10 things you should know about business continuity management.

1. People support what they help create. Data protection is the easiest facet of BCM to be supported by users. 2. Business Continuity Management is not the same as Disaster Recovery. 3. Business Continuity Management is not just about the plans, but are linked to the company’s strategic goals. 4. Business Continuity Management can help […]

Work Remotely

It is becoming increasingly expensive for you to travel from your home to your offices. Petrol prices are on the increase. We are expecting toll expenses within 3 months. Not mentioning, that you are not productive sitting in traffic.

2010's Top threats

2010 seems so long ago already, but here is Trendlab’s top threat list for 2010. Website software: The riskiest software used by websites in 2010 was the popular blogging platform WordPress. Tens of thousands of unpatched WordPress blogs were used by cybercriminals for various schemes, primarily as part of redirection chains that led to various […]

More on VPN connections

Lack of confidence in security over VPN connections has led to many organizations sacrificing remote connectivity in order to maintain their network security. And rightly so. Attackers have leveraged insecure VPN connections in the past to access critical data within organizations. Attacks on TJX, Heartland Payment Systems and on big IT companies including Google and […]