Backups form an integral part of your network security and data protection policies. An “in the cloud” strategy provides secure protection of your data as the backup copy is stored in a different location. Should the unforeseen happen, it is highly unlikely that both locations will be affected, leaving you with an intact copy from which to restore your data.

For off-site data storage and backup, we recommend:

  • CipherArchive Online Backup Suite – leading software that facilitates the entire process.
  • Cipher Vault – a secure data vault based in Midrand, Johannesburg.
Data Protection


CipherArchive Online Backup Suite

CipherArchive Online Backup Suite includes software modules that integrate to facilitate the entire off-site backup process. On the client-side, user-friendly applications are installed to ensure effortless transfer to the off-site server from a local server and individual desktops, laptops and similar devices. On the remote-side, a server-application is installed. This server stores the backup data and integrates seamlessly with the client-side applications. For an additional layer of data protection, the server application replicates the backup data and transfers it to a separate machine. The various applications are completely compatible with all operating systems, data base applications and hardware in common use today.

CipherArchive™ Backup Server

This core server-side application offers centralized backup services to diverse CipherArchive users on the client-side. System administrators can manage individual users and monitor system performance and data integrity with ease. Features include operating system compatibility, NAS device support:, centralized web management console, high availability, Windows Active Directory (or LDAP) support, online or email reporting, multiple language support, minimal maintenance, automatic upgrade, server-side backup and API integration

CipherArchive Replicator

For an additional server-side layer of data protection, CipherArchive Replicator creates a mirror copy of the data backed up to the off-site server/s almost simultaneously and transfers it to a replication server, residing anywhere on the globe. Features include near real-time replication, bandwidth reservation, web management console, online reporting, platform compatibility and minimal hardware requirements.

CipherArchive Professional

This comprehensive backup application is bundled with various database backup modules to backup files and databases from client-side machines to CipherArchive Backup Server/s. It is specifically suited to backup of file, database and email servers.  Features include bundled database modules, Microsoft Exchange restoration, operating system compatibility, bare-metal recovery, continuous data protection (CDP), flexible scheduler, 256-bit encryption, seed-load utility and in-file delta, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express support, opened files in Windows support, multiple language support, application-run scheduling, browser access and auto-upgrade.

CipherArchive Lite

This client-side application is a light version of CipherArchive Professional and includes all the major features. It is most suited for desktops and laptops used by non-technical staff. Features include ease-of-use, user-friendly interface, Windows and Mac compatibility and “set and leave” functionality.