About Us

With more than 14 years of hands-on experience in the IT industry, we can provide you with the peace of mind that your systems will withstand even the most sophisticated threats. Our IT consultants are always up-to-date with the latest technology trends, and we are able to guarantee not only your networking privacy, but also the safety and protection of your data and overall IT management.

Sam Newton

Sam started his working career with Qualitec Engineering in 1994. He spent two years in the research and development department in mining automation, building and troubleshooting prototype machines before mass production. It was the Programmable Logic systems that captured his interest, and he went on to study C++ programming with Pritchard and van Zyl, as well as DOS, DBASE, Lotus and Accounts. In 1996, he started at PDS systems in board level printer and monitor repair, PC assembly and general client IT solutions, learning the intricacies of DOS and Windows 3.1 and COAX networking. After leaving PDS and a brief freelance period, Sam joined Paulo dos Santos at Ventec System Solutions in 2000 and soon afterwards, they started VSS Technologies C.C. together. Sam then went on to qualify as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and continues the quest to bring excellent and knowledgeable service to clients under the trading name Aalto.

Paulo dos Santos

Paulo initially studied a CIS (ICSA) in 1996. During his studies, he was offered part time employment at National Sewing Centre to deal with technology issues ranging from stock programs to IT issues. Paulo cut his teeth on Dos 6.22 operating system and then went onto Novell 3.12 networking. Microsoft took a strangle hold of the world and soon Paulo was fully immersed in Windows products. In 1998 Megamma Computer Systems approached Paulo to be a full time IT technician and soon Paulo was consulting to Megamma’s client base, resolving desktop and server problems. In 2000, Paulo started Ventec System Solutions and went on to provide a small niche of clients with managed IT infrastructure consultation and support. As the client base grew, VSS Technologies C.C was created with Sam Newton as a member. Paulo went onto to qualify as an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). In 2004, VSS Technologies acquired the Corporate Laptop client base. VSS Technologies now supported the entire network infrastructures of 45 SME clients. Paulo has since qualified as a PCI (Pastel Certified Installer) and a CCNSE (Certified Cyberoam Network Security Expert). He continues to provide clients with expert and specialised network support on their infrastructure under the trading name Aalto.

Danie Steyn

After finishing National Military Service and a brief stint as an armed response officer, Danie started in the old-school mainframe environment of Rentmeester Assurance as a mainframe operator. Working in the rigid and disciplined mainframe environment proved to be a great learning platform and he was soon transferred to the LAN department as Network Administrator. After three years Danie left for London where he ran the network of a Southwark College campus and then consulted for Phonographic Performance Limited.
Upon his return to South Africa in 2000, Danie started Horizonet Systems, a small IT sales and support company specialising in exceptional service to home users, home businesses and small businesses. Danie also implemented projects like the IT infrastructure for Indigo Bay hotel on Bazaruto Island and Pemba Beach Hotel in Pemba, Mozambique. In 2007 while integrating a time and attendance system at a mutual client, Danie met Sam. Not long after Danie joined forces with Sam and Paulo at VSS Technologies C.C. where their extensive and diverse experience makes them an effective service provider to their select customers.